Help me help you

So after helping a close friend set up an online dating profile and hearing her snarky comments in regards to her weight, I asked if she felt it held her back. After some back and forth, I promised her I could help her lose weight, but without “dieting” and just changing her lifestyle.

She ordered 3 aerobics videos and downloaded MyNetDiary and knew just how much she was allowed to eat each day. I then sent her rules:

1. Drink water! Lots of it.

2. Always eat brown over white….whole wheat, brown rice, etc

3. Have fruit or vegetable at every meal.

4. Calories, calories, calories. Take in less than you burn. Keep an eye on the Analysis portion of the app.

5. Always check serving sizes.

6. Avoid fried foods at all costs.

7. While cheese is yummy, it’s super high in calories. Eat in moderation.

8. Alcoholic beverages: Vodka & soda, white rum & soda, clear tequila & soda, red wine. Maximum of 2 (normal size) glasses for all.

9. Unless you are working out the next morning, dinner should be protein (meat) and veggies. Breakfast and lunch can have carbs.

10. Try to go 12 hours in between dinner and breakfast.

11. ALWAYS eat breakfast. Even if its just a smoothie.

12. Try to eat every 3-4 hours, but keep snack sizes small.

13. Give yourself one 150 calorie or less treat each day.

14. Exercise every day. Even if its just a walk or yoga.

Now with week 1 finished, she’s down 5 pounds! This is the life I lead and love, and want to inspire others with it. I hope this is the first of many.


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